The Goal by Pastor Bill Reid

God's Grace and Light fills my life

God’s Grace and Light fills my life

 There has been so much anger and even hatred directed towards God lately and I just am not able to understand it.  I’ve had my fair share of struggles certainly; we all have.  Jesus told us to expect that.  This I know.  But I also know that my heavenly father is the most awesome God!  It will forever be that I have decided to follow Jesus.  No going back!  My pastor’s message for this Sunday, “The Goal,” is an excellent reminder that I wanted to share with you. Pastor Bill’s Bulletin Blurb follows:


As we approach Christmas, it is so easy for us to take our eyes off the goal of what the holiday means. We forget about celebrating what God has done for us, becoming a man and dying on Calvary’s cross. Maybe it’s not that we forget, but that we are so bombarded by the worldly view of Christmas, that the Christ child seems to be just one more add-on to an already too busy schedule. Perhaps we need to be reminded about what Paul tells us in Philippians 3:14 – I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Our goal at Christmas is to celebrate Jesus and the gift of life he has brought to us.

Augustine wrote, “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure, to find him the greatest human achievement.” Maybe the three thoughts in this brief quote are what we need to help us keep our Christmas season focused on Christ.

We need to fall in love with God. I am afraid that for many of us, our relationship with God is nothing more than a passing acquaintance. We know him in our head, we have prayed the sinner’s prayer; but we have never fallen in love with Jesus. When we love a person, that individual becomes the most important part of our life. If we truly loved Jesus, the celebration of his birth would be in the forefront of our holiday festivities.

At Christmas, we seek a lot of things: presents, time with family, good food, time off from work, parties, and more. In I Chronicles 16:11, the writer reminds us to “seek his face continuously.” Christmas is a time for us to seek God. To draw ourselves into closer relationship with him; to express our gratitude for his wonderful gift; to praise him for being a benevolent God; these can only be done by making him the most important part of what we seek in the holiday season.

Christmas is a time for people who have a personal relationship with Jesus. If you have never had the opportunity to invite him into your life, this Christmas season would be a great time to do so. Or, maybe you have a family member or friend who is not part of God’s family. This would be the best of times to help them know Jesus as Lord, and experience the real meaning of the Christmas season.

I encourage you to stay focused this Christmas on the real meaning of the season.

Pastor Bill

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