And He Sat Down at the Right Hand of God: Loving the Lord

Sanctuary at Neil AvenueI worked to graduate college and find good employment and then, it was all taken away from me. More bittersweet days. The days when I could compose eloquent text are just gone from me now, but this I do remember. The hour I first believed was on a Thanksgiving morning. And it was the most beautiful morning when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  I have been loving the Lord for several decades now and because of that my heart now sings!  Below is the post of the day I first believed:

Singing A New Song: The Hour I First Believed

About a year and a half after my disability began, I returned to college with the goal of finally graduating and ultimately, of finding employment as a college graduate.  While I was a student, I was very busy with school activities. I never even suspected the hour I first believed.  Never Ever!

After I had graduated from the university, my activities came to an abrupt end.  My life involved waking up and getting on the Internet.  I would do that for roughly twelve hours then go back to bed.  And the next day, I got to do it all over again.

After several months of that, I was bored out of my mind.  It just so happened that a ministry group from a local church had been coming to my apartment complex for the past several years.  A young woman about my age had been cleaning at my apartment during this time.  We enjoyed each other’s company and always had a good time together. If I ever had any “church” questions, she would always be able to answer them, but I really wasn’t that interested in church.  It was more my way of trying to placate her.

I had mentioned to her how completely bored I was and she volunteered to take me to church with her.  It wasn’t that I wanted to go to church to hear the word or anything; it was just that I wanted to get out of my apartment. So, I agreed to go.

Well, the first Sunday that I went to church, I just loved what I was hearing!  In his sermon, the pastor kept saying that God has a special plan for you.  I knew very little about Jesus and the Bible at that time and I wanted to learn more.

I am a former English major and the one person that I knew who had written on both English and Christianity was CS Lewis.  He piqued my curiosity regarding God with his apologetic “Mere Christianity.”  A friend from church gave me an old copy of “Joni” that she had and a whole new world opened up for me.  I loved learning about God; I loved reading about God; I loved going to church each Sunday, but I just was not ready to take that final leap of faith.  Throughout this time, I would hear the idea that God has a special plan for you seemingly everywhere. For me, it became a recurring theme.

But, I still was not willing to make that ultimate commitment for Christ. Believers would always talk about that one awesome day when Jesus entered their heart, but it just wasn’t happening for me.

One night, I had been involved in an online discussion about Jack Kevorkian.  At that time, he was actively involved in supposed “mercy killings.”  A lady with Multiple Sclerosis, who expected her condition to progressively deteriorate, opted for Dr. Kevorkian to help her with an assisted suicide.

This seemed fundamentally wrong to me on several levels and I voiced my objections to her final decision.  I mentioned that after my near-death disabling experience there was nothing that I wanted more than to be alive.  Because I nearly died, I have learned to appreciate my gift of life.

A short while later, I received an email response from a radical extremist who used a lot of hate language.  One thing that he said was that he hoped that I would be “sterilized so that I wouldn’t pollute the gene pool.”  I was terrified.  I was afraid to go out of my apartment because I expected some radical lunatic to perform a “mercy killing” extermination on me!  The only relief that I got that night was when I was finally able to fall asleep.

I woke up the next morning, which was Thanksgiving morning of 1998, and I had another email from an address that I did not recognize.  At first, I considered deleting it because I assumed it was from some other person who wanted to tell me how wrong I was.  But, I thought that wouldn’t be right.  I said what I had wanted to say and now I had to listen to any other opposing opinions.  So, I opened the email.

Only it wasn’t from someone who was telling me how wrong I was.  It was from a woman who told me that she had never thought of assisted suicide in that way.  She said some other kind things, but she ended her message with “God has a special plan for you.”

With tears in my eyes,  that was the awesome hour and day that I first believed.  I knew it wasn’t just a recurring theme; it seemed to me that God was personally telling me that He had a special plan for me.  Because of that Thanksgiving morning in 1998, I now am singing a new song unto the Lord!

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Autumn Glory

The autumn is my favorite time of year. There is just something about the crispness in the air and I have always loved the rustling and the crackling of fallen leaves. Even though it means winter is on its way, and my wheelchair and I no longer look forward to snow, I still do love the autumn glory.

When I was eighteen, I was going to school in central Ohio.  I had two suitemates, one from Texas and one from Arizona.

They had never actually experienced “fall.” I can still remember the complete joy they shared when they came into our dorm room with golden leaves in their hands. To them, it was a unique experience. They had seen the pictures, but never experienced the reality.

The holly in our front yard are also enjoying this time of year, even though it is not really their season yet.

The holly in our front yard are also enjoying this time of year, even though it is not really their season yet.

Well, I only have photos to show you, but I hope that you will be able to appreciate these pictures, also.

It IS the season for fire bushes!

It IS the season for fire bushes!


A golden tree in our front yard.

A golden tree in our front yard.

The view across our street.

The view across our street.

Just beautiful!

Just beautiful!


My husband always wants that dramatic angle!

My husband always wants that dramatic angle!

Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value then they? Matthew 6:26

Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value then they? Matthew 6:26

That is a view of my neighborhood today! It is just beautiful in Ohio at this time.



Even the trees appear to be dancing to the season!

Even the trees appear to be dancing to the season!

Going to our church; close by to the Ohio State University

Going to our church; close by to the Ohio State University

Truly autumn glory!

Truly autumn glory!


I just love the autumn glory in my home state! What’s your favorite season? Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave a comment. We all would love to hear from you.

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The Beginning of My New Life: “For all the blessings I can not see”

A Gift, Freely Given

Each day is a gift; that’s why they call it the “present.”

I was just tinkering around my blog when I came across this post.  While I do remember this incident, it is just too easy to forget the lesson I inferred from that day. It was my starting over again day.  The beginning of my new life.  I didn’t know it then, but it was. My original post follows:


I borrowed part of that line from Don Moen’s song, “Thank you, Lord.”  We sang that song at church last Sunday and I was reminded of the importance of giving the Lord credit for His many blessings in my life.

An online friend spoke of a “mirror of thanksgiving” but unfortunately our gratitude is often as opaque as a rock.  The daily stress and strains of our lives have a way of speeding out of control and all too often coming to a cataclysmic crash.

How typical is it to forget about rejoicing in the present and only remembering to grumble because that guy in traffic cut you off or that lady at the grocery store bumped into you as she raced by?  Sometimes, it seems that we have no reason to focus on the positive.

In the hospital and shortly after my brain hemorrhage when I thought that I could do nothing, I still remember the therapist that came into my room and showed me that I could cross my arms “Indian style.”

My left arm was drawn up at the elbow and totally immobile, but I was able to move my right arm.  Because of that, I was still able to cross my arms like I always had.

I was so excited because I thought then that the life I had known had been taken away; it was not gone, merely modified.

For me, this was a gift given to me.  My physical abilities had changed, but they were not completely gone.  I went from being expected to die, to beginning to live again.

It was a change and change is always a good thing.  Change is easier when it is done in small steps.

What I mean is that regaining my physical ability required much work.  I wish I had been able to jump up and go on with my life, but that was not the case.  It required daily therapy and continual exercise.

Twenty-five years later, those days of therapy at the rehabilitation hospital are only a distant memory.

But from each small step, we need to find a reason to be grateful.  To focus on the positive is a choice that you must make for yourself.  For me, it started with crossing my arms.

I never want to forget those days only because it reminds me of what I have to be thankful for today.

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Nothing In Common With Those People

Cross of Jesus at NABC

My husband and I have recently been going to a weekly small group study with a campus church group that is now sharing our church facility.  Their group is populated by recent university graduates and they are younger than Robert and I.  Much younger.  But the ladies have been discussing a book and there are usually snacks there, so I was interested.  Until last week.  After that evening’s study, when Robert and I got back into our car and prepared to leave, I exclaimed, “I’m not coming back; I have nothing in common with those people!”

And then I began to expound to my husband about the evening’s events.

The group had several new guests and we were asked to introduce our self and tell about how God had been working in our life.  OK, I can do that, I thought.

One young lady began by telling us of a personal activity that she had shared with her husband the week before.  It really did not seem like such an unusual event to me, but then again, she and I are just different in our experiences.

Another young lady then began telling us  about her life.  She went into detail about her junior year in high school and then followed it up with details about her senior year in high school.

For me, about all I can remember about high school is that I went and I did graduate.   High school for me was over thirty years ago and I certainly do not have vivid memories of the time I spent in secondary school!  Today, I have trouble remembering an hour ago, let alone over thirty years ago!

One young woman spoke of her father and the problems he was having with his health.  She mentioned that he was in his upper fifties.

It hit me like a brick right then when I realized that I am closer in age to her father, than her.  And she mentioned his age like he had been alive since the beginning of time!  At least, it seemed like that to me. I guess her father and I are both older than the hills in her mind!

Of the three women who spoke, everyone mentioned being a Christian since an early age.  It seemed as if they were saying, “I’ve been a Christian since I was three and a half weeks old.”  It wasn’t until after I had graduated from the university that I went to a church.  And even then, I was twenty-seven years old when I did start back to college!

After I had pleaded my case and told Robert why I did not intend to go back since I had nothing in common with those people, he said one thing to me.

He said, “You do have one thing in common.”  “What?” I blurted out.  He said, “Jesus – you have Jesus in common.”

My husband was so absolutely right!  We are all resting on the firm foundation of Christ.  How many times have I faced the fact that our ways are different?  That I do things differently than you do?  I have faced that fact over and over again; we are each different.  But with Jesus Christ, we are unified.    I share in their love for Christ.  He is God.  He is my God.  He is our God. And I do plan to continue sharing in the love of Jesus  with my new friends!

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I Have Decided

My home church I can still remember the first time I attended a church service after I was disabled.  Because my life had changed and I now used a wheelchair, I felt as if I had been excluded from the able-bodied world.  That Sunday, when I first heard the pastor speak about Jesus, he said, again and again, that Jesus loved me.  That was news to me because I didn’t think anyone loved me anymore.  And when I began to read the bible, I found out it was true!  Jesus does love me; the bible tells me so. :) From the beginning, I knew I was included in God’s world.  Unfortunately, some congregations have been slow to realize this, but let me tell you about my church,  Neil Avenue Baptist Church.  I am an active participant at NABC.

At church yesterday, a friend gave me an article from the Columbus Dispatch about disabilities and churches.  The article told of how many churches are now focusing on including people with disabilities.  The heart of God’s word has always been focused on broken people.  I guess it is time for congregations to also accept this idea!

I require accessibility in order to attend a church and, in most cases, I have been able to find that.  At my present church, I am also an active participant in our weekly worship.  That is very important to me.  There are things that I can do to serve the Lord and my congregation has asked me to help.  I am always grateful to be included.

One time years ago, we were having a focus time at NABC and there was a group going from room to room at church and praying for God’s blessing on our efforts.  There is a second floor at NABC with a few classrooms up there.  I remember the pastor apologizing profusely to me because it was inaccessible.  I told him that all ground is accessible at the cross!  In other words, it did not matter to me if I were able to get to the second floor in the sanctuary because I know I will be able to get everywhere in God’s heavenly realm.

I have decided to follow Jesus.  My church is small, both in floor space and in number of people.  When I was first asked to participate at Neil Avenue Baptist Church, I was so excited because I was being included.  The woman that had asked me to teach a bible study class said to me, “We are so small here, everybody has to do something!”  But, it meant so much to me that I had been included in their service.  Nearly fifteen years later, I still attend NABC each Sunday just because I am still included.

Are you looking for that place where everybody knows your name? We are centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and close by to The Ohio State University.  Join us any Sunday. If you would like to add your own comment, please scroll down and leave your comment.  It would be appreciated by everyone.

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I’ve Got You, Babe: Disability & Marriage Nine Years Later

Sign at our church, NABCThis Saturday will be the ninth anniversary of my first date with my husband.  When I remember that night, I still smile.  Even though I have recently been going through some rough times, my memories from that first date just make me happy.  Our plan for that night was to go to a local mall that neither of us had been to before.  Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.  Yep, that’s right.  We never did find the mall that night.   We drove around for three hours and shared the best conversation.  I don’t remember what we talked about, but we did decide to meet the next weekend and go to the mall again!  Or, to at least try. :)

My memories made me want to re-run the post I first wrote about meeting Robert.  Our first date; it was a very good night.  Here is a story about when the music first began for us…

“His Perfect Plan: Disability & Marriage”

I used to dream about meeting my “Prince Charming” when I was a little girl. I always thought someday – someday… But life had a way of intervening on my plans and things just did not go as I had planned. For instance, I never planned on my disability. But thankfully, God did have a perfect plan for me. And I have now met my Prince Charming and today, you could say that we are “living happily ever-after.” Love and marriage aren’t the only things that can go together!

I first learned about the Lord and then accepted Him as my personal savior in ’98.  Knowing Jesus brought such joy into my life.

One day, when I was at a public gym that I attend, a friend of mine, who was the director of the gym and also happened to be the then music director at my church, stopped me and asked if I ever intended to remarry.

I remember telling her that I had made my choice with my first husband and that it was such a poor choice.  I had no intention of choosing another partner.

I told her that I would only remarry if it were God’s choice for me.  With that, we said good-bye and I didn’t really think about it again.

Several weeks later, this man from church who was named Robert started emailing me at work.  I was working in an academic institution and it was during Summer break, so I had time to respond.

Our correspondence grew more regular and animated, but I still thought absolutely nothing of it.  Then one day, he emailed me and said, “Oh and by the way, Shirley told me that I should ask you out sometime.”  Ever so romantic, huh?

But I was very excited and I can remember squealing with delight at my desk.  We made plans for our first date.

We had every intention of going to this area mall, but neither of us had ever been there before. On that first date, we drove around looking for the mall for three hours.  We shared a very animated conversation, but never did find the mall.

The next weekend we tried again.  Robert did say that he had studied the directions, but our attempt to find the mall was still merely an effort in futility.  On our third date, we had more great conversation, but still no mall.  I think we finally made it to the mall on our fourth try.

Robert has always said that he fell in love with me on our first date, but since I was determined not to make a repeat mistake, it did take me three dates to make that commitment!

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Woodman: A Wedding Picture He proposed to me at our church’s Valentine’s Day dinner in February and we were married that June. Robert and I are an example of opposites attracting.  But, God did have a perfect plan in uniting us.  The most perfect way for me to describe Robert is as the man of my dreams.

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My Master Tells Me to Wait: Waiting On the Lord

Waiting on the LordHave you ever felt like a dog with a treat balanced on your nose and your master is telling you to wait before you chomp on that treat? That is how I feel right now.  My patience has been running thin, but I still have to wait.  Waiting on the Lord often can become frustrating.

Last Sunday, we watched a video series by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Spiritual Warfare.”  In his study, Dr. Jeremiah stresses the importance of personifying Satan.  If we picture him as a real enemy that every believer is constantly battling with, we will be better able to combat his constant harsh realities.  It also helps us to remember that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

Patience, when stretched thin, seems to be of little help.  At least for me, it seems that way.  How about you?  Well, I have put together a list of verses regarding waiting on the Lord.  Dr. Jeremiah also reminded each believer that Jesus has given us His peace.  When I focus on that fact, it does help.  Following are a list of verses that are excellent reminders during stressful times:

Isaiah 40:31 (NASB) Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NASB) 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Psalm 33:20-21 (NASB) 20 Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield. 21 For our heart rejoices in Him, because we trust in His holy name.

2 Peter 3:9  (NASB) 9 The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.

Lamentations 3:25 (NASB) 25 The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him.

Matthew 6:33 (NASB) 33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Isaiah 30:18 (NASB) 18 Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him.

Psalm 130:5 (NASB) 5 I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope.
Psalm 27:14 (NASB) 14 Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord.

1 John 3:2 (NASB) 2 Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.

Psalm 40:1-3 (NASB) I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry. 2 He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. 3 He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; many will see and fear and will trust in the Lord.

Lamentations 3:25 (NASB) 25 The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him.

What do you do when all you can do is wait?  Why don’t you tell us what helps?  Scroll down and leave your comment.  We would appreciate it.

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All Aboard: A 2014 Stop on the Underground Railroad

Sign at Levi Coffin HouseMy husband and I share an interest in Civil War history.  Robert grew up in Mississippi and I can remember that even in one of our first phone conversations I told him I was a lifelong Yankee.  And now, I am a Yankee woman that fell in love with a rebel!  Just kidding.  :-) Robert grew up in the South and knows all about that history, but I have wanted to show him about life in the North.  During the Civil War, that involved abolition in the North.  Last weekend, Robert and I made a 2014 stop on the underground railroad when we visited the home of Levi Coffin, who has been referred to as the president of the Underground Railroad.

Levi and Catherine Coffin were Quakers from North Carolina who came to Indiana with intentions of doing the Lord’s work.  Regardless of man-made federal laws, the Coffins chose to follow God’s law.

In Coffin’s own words, “the slaves fleeing from bondage would find a welcome and shelter at our house.”

For the twenty years that they lived in Newport, IN (now Fountain City), the Coffin family helped more than 2,000 escaping slaves reach freedom.

The Coffins, who had six children, lived in a two-story federal style home.  Interestingly enough, the first floor was completely accessible and required no adaptions for my wheelchair.

The doorways were very wide and spacious and built nearly two hundred years before the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  I will assume that he also wanted to allow wheelchair-users into his home!  I can only say, thank you, Mr. Coffin.

When Robert went up to the second floor, he took some videos for me to see.  I also want to share these videos with you. The one below is from the second floor of the Levi Coffin House.

That beautiful natural woodwork is throughout the house, but I was thinking, nearly two hundred years and no paint?  Well, our knowledgeable tour guide told us that over 100 gallons of stripper were used to remove all of the layers of paint from the woodwork.

When the restoration team finally exposed the tulip poplar wood, which happens to be the state tree, they could not bear to repaint it! See the next video from the second floor below:

In the Coffin house, the kitchen was in the basement.  This video is of their kitchen, plus a surprise to accommodate all of the unexpected “guests.”

For a link to the Coffin House, go to:

The Levi Coffin House was an excellent learning experience and just two hours from central Ohio.  It made for a great one-day trip.  To leave a comment, scroll down the page.  We would love to hear from you.

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Love, from your bump on a log.

A Photo Of MeSometimes, I think it is only me who is constantly reminded of my disability.  What I mean is, I will always be aware of having a walking life and of having a rolling life.  I will always have memories of things I did when I was able-bodied, just as I will always have my memories as a wheelchair user.  Truth is, I can’t get past it.  In fact, I have not even tried.  It would just be ridiculous for me to try to forget my past.  But, most people in my current life have only known me as disabled.  This includes my husband.  He is not constantly reminded of the things that I can no longer do.  Much to my own disbelief, sometimes he even forgets that I am paralyzed! When I am feeling like a consummate bump on a log, he thinks that I am a whirlwind of activity!

One week past our eighth wedding anniversary, Robert and I went for a drive.  While we were in the car, he was driving and I was sitting in the passenger’s seat, just as it always is.  He tossed something on to my lap and it fell from my lap and crashed to the floor.  And then Robert exclaimed, “Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log.”  To which I proclaimed, “I’m paralyzed!”  It did not seem funny then, but a few days later, the thought that he forgot that my left side is paralyzed strikes me as just too perfect.  I feel as if I am constantly waging a war to be seen as an equal and my own husband needs to be reminded of my disability!

There was another time when I think Robert gave me the best laugh of my life.  I am a hemiplegic.  My left side is paralyzed and I only have use of my right arm and hand.  As would be expected, I am now much slower.  In my own opinion, quite slow.  Several years ago, I was chiding Robert for being a slowpoke.  I can remember him saying, “I’m just not as fast as you.”  Me fast?  That seemed hysterical to me.

The thing is, it is hard to see things as other people see them   Even when you might be very close to someone, you will often have a different perspective. It is typical that we make a decision based on our own perspective.  I cannot control someone else’s choice, but I can control my own choice.  I want my life to be an example for others.   I love Jesus and I want to follow God’s will for my life.  I can share the benefit of that choice for me, in my own life.

I would like to know your opinion.  Scroll down and leave a message.   Sharing is always a good thing. :-)

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Jesus is the Door: 5 Historic Churches in Mechanicsburg, Ohio

Blue Welcome to Mechanicsburg SignRobert and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this past weekend by driving about an hour west of Columbus and visiting a small town near central Ohio.  In Mechanicsburg, there are five churches that were built in the nineteenth century.  We both thought that it would make for a fun place to visit.  Robert enjoys the photo opportunity and I just enjoy the journey.  So, we headed out this past Saturday.  We have lots of photos and we also had a great time together.  I want to tell you about the 5 historic churches in Mechanicsburg, Ohio that we visited.  But first, a little lore about the town of Mechanicsburg, Ohio.

Mechanicsburg was first named by Captain Culver and John Kain, who were soldiers during the War of 1812.  Culver was the chief mechanic of the expedition that was marching through Ohio on way to the battle in Detroit.   While in southwest Ohio, Culver met Chief Ohito and his lovely young daughter, Wawanita.  Captain Culver and the Indian princess were soon to fall in love.  Culver vowed to return to Wawanita after the war and she agreed to wait for her mechanic.

When Kain and Culver had been discharged from their service following the War of 1812, they did return to Ohio.  The two men planned on settling a new town and they gave Wawanita the honor of naming the new town.  Since “mechanic” was the first English word that she had learned, she suggested that word.  Culver and Kain immediately added “burg” and the town of “Mechanicsburg” was born during the summer of 1814.

2nd Baptist Church, Mechanicsburg, OHToday, Mechanicsburg has five churches that were built during the nineteenth century.  The Second Baptist Church is the oldest one and was built by a group of African-Americans in 1858.  Second Baptist is a two-story Greek Revival style building that was thirty years old when the other four churches were built in a Gothic Revival style.    Its large and imposing frame is typical of a post and beam structure.  The other churches are still in active use while, unfortunately, this building is currently empty.  A white Baptist congregation already existed when this church was founded, hence the name “Second Baptist Church.”

Just down the main street is Mechanicsburg Baptist Church, the other Baptist church – the one built by white Americans.  I thought it had a regal and somewhat imposing appearance.  The building was built in 1890 and is typical of the Gothic Revival style.Mechanicsburg-Baptist_Church, Mechanicsburg, OH

St-Michaels-Catholic-Church, Mechanicsburg, OHWhile I typically think of a massive Catholic cathedral, St. Michael’s Catholic Church was a humble, one-story church nearby.  I was a bit amused that the two Baptist churches were both grand places of worship and the Catholic church seemed to me to be a quiet place to honor the Lord.  It reminded me of my favorite verse: Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7    St. Michael’s is located at 40 Walnut Street and was built in 1888.

Mechanicsburg-UMC, Mechanicsburg, OHMy husband always likes to mention that Ulysses S. Grant once said that there were three political parties in the 1800’s – Republican, Democratic, and Methodist! Wikipedia mentions that the Methodist church in Mechanicsburg is the oldest congregation in the village.  In the nineteenth century, abolition had a stronghold in the town of Mechanicsburg and a group of abolitionist Methodist families formed a new congregation.   The present-day Mechanicsburg United Methodist Church, located at the corner of N. Main and Race Streets is the fifth building occupied by this fold and was built in 1893.

The last church that we visited in Mechanicsburg was the Church of our Saviour.  Built by an Episcopal parish in 1893, it is the fourth church building in the town that was built in the Gothic Revival style.  I thought the square brick tower with a wooden belfry that sits at one corner of the building was just beautiful. Church-of-our-Saviour, Mechanicsburg, OH

We enjoyed an afternoon picnic together before heading home.  It was a perfect anniversary celebration.  If you live in the central Ohio area, I hope that you can check out these 5 historic churches in Mechanicsburg, Ohio.

We had a great day together.  If you live in the central Ohio area, why not check it out?  It is a perfect one-day trip.  Scroll down and leave a comment.  We would all appreciate it.

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