Homemade Yogurt: Almost Fat Free & Sugar Free

Working Yogurt MakerMaking your own yogurt is very simple.  You do need a yogurt maker/cooker.  It has become a permanent fixture on our countertop since I make yogurt all the time.  You can also control what goes into your own yogurt this way.  I make my own homemade yogurt almost fat free and sugar free.  I use roughly 2 quarts of organic cow’s milk (must be organic, I’ve tried milk off the shelf and it did not thicken as well), sugar-free pudding mix and sugar-free gelatin mix, non-fat dry milk powder (which serves as a thickener), and 3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt.

This is my own technique that I have reached after much trial and error.  Pour approximately half of a half gallon of organic cow’s milk into a microwavable container. I use my Tupperware bowl with a handle and  I microwave it for 6 minutes at full power.  This comes from answers.yahoo.com: “Milk doesn’t need to be “very very hot” to make yogurt, but it does need to be a little hot (around 110-120 F°) just so that the bacteria fermenting the yogurt will eat up the milk sugars *quickly enough* not to take forever to incubate to the yogurt stage… it would still happen, it would just take a lot longer (and during that time, other bacteria could be introduced from the air and change the flavor/etc too).”

After microwaving, you need to let it sit about ½ hour to cool down.  I have forgotten about my cooling milk and it has sat for up to 2 ½ hours, but don’t do as I do, but do as I say!  Let the microwaved milk sit for ½ hour.

Then add ½ packet sugar-free vanilla pudding mix, along with ½ packet of gelatin powder.  Adding orange gelatin to the vanilla pudding mix makes for my favorite flavor, but I have added lime, lemon, even butterscotch pudding mix.  I just try to use the sugar-free varieties.  Add about ½ C powdered milk and three tbls vanilla yogurt.  Whisk, then pour into yogurt cups.  Set your yogurt maker for 10 hours  and refrigerate when done.  That’s all there is to it.  And it is so thick and creamy.  Much better than store bought, in my opinion.

  • UPDATE –  Well, I’m still making my own yogurt as regularly as ever.  But, typical to my almost daily habit, I have made a few adaptations.  I am now adding powdered sugar-free coffee creamer to each batch.  Sometimes I add both vanilla and hazelnut flavored powdered creamer and sometimes I add some creamer along with frozen fruit.  Recently, I have been trying to avoid all types of citric acids, so I had to give up everything orange.  This broke my heart, but it just had to be. :-(  I have also given up sugar for about the past six months in an attempt to lose weight.  So far, that effort seems to be failing, but I do plan on sticking with it!  Aside from those changes, all else remains the same in my yogurt production.

Have you tried making your own yogurt?  Leave me a note and share your experience.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave a comment. I would appreciate your comment.





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