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One Way to Travel in the WheelchairWay back when I was first disabled, I had a therapist suggest that I make a daily numbered list of all that I’m grateful for. I accepted her suggestion, but as I began the assignment, I could only think of one or two things that I appreciated.  As the days passed and my wheelchair became more of a permanent reality to me, my list seemed to also grow. I began to learn how important it is to focus on the positive.

One thing that I decided was infinitely better in the chair was pantyhose!  Yes, that’s right – I said pantyhose.  With one hand paralyzed and my inability to stand, I remember one time struggling to put on a pair of pantyhose and right then making the decision to never do that again!

And then I discovered thigh-highs.  Thigh-highs are two separate pieces of hosiery which can be put on from a seated position + no nylon panty to bind you.

I had a girlfriend who told me once that she wished she could wear those, but they always fell down while she walked, which is not a problem for me.  Being able to wear thigh-highs is a perk of the wheelchair.

Also, for all of you city bus riders out there, do you remember Charles Schultz’s character Pig-Pen from his Peanuts comic strip?  Sometimes a bus passenger gets on and sits down who must be a direct descendant of Pig-Pen.

Each time that happens, I think of how glad I am to be in my own seat!  It’s the able-bodied people who have to sit in the squalor.

And, have you ever come into a room where there just are not enough seats?  Holiday dinners with a crowd are notorious for this situation.

Well guess what, I have a seat that does travel!  Everywhere I go, I bring my seat with me.  You can call it advance planning. It must be the boy-scout in me – Be Prepared – is my motto!

Today has been a rough day, so far.  It involved a 3 ½ hour journey for what should have been about an hour of travel time.  When I finally did make it to the safety of my own home, I knew that I should make a list of what I am grateful for.

  1. I am grateful to be alive today.
  2. I am grateful to be married to my best friend.
  3. I am grateful that I can hear our dryer running and I know that it is drying the towels.
  4. I am grateful that I was able to complete the errands that I wanted to this morning.
  5. I am grateful that I was able to relieve Robert, my husband, of these obligations.
  6. I am grateful that sunshine is filtering through the window and reminding me what a beautiful day it is outside.
  7. I am grateful that our cats are sleeping contentedly in the warmth of the sunshine.
  8. I am grateful that although I might get frazzled by the events of the day, I can trust that the Lord loves me.
  9. I am grateful that Jesus travels with me everywhere I go.
  10. I am grateful for the life that I have.

In everything, we need to focus on the positive.  It’s really the best way to see each day.

What’s your opinion?  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

About Raeanne Woodman

Less than a month after my twenty -fifth birthday, I had a brain hemorrhage. I had two brain surgeries at that time. It saved my life, but it left me unable to walk or use my left hand. I have been a wheel-chair user since 1989, nearly half of my life. I have always considered myself very blessed and quite unique. I graduated from Ohio State and went on to be employed by the university for twelve years. I met another unique individual at my church and he and I were married seven years ago. With this blog, I want to tell you a little about myself and how I've learned to live in our world. I love to cook, albeit with my own adaptations. I also want to share some great user-friendly merchandise and deals with you. And I would also be blessed if you would share your great ideas with me. This blog promises to be mutually rewarding!
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21 Responses to Focus on the Positive

  1. Kabbie says:

    I really enjoyed reading several of your articles/posts/recipes. Thanks for sharing, Raeanne.

    • Raeanne says:

      Oh, shucks! Thanks. Your positive comment means a lot to me.

      • Kathleen Carlson says:

        Good examples. They are so simple. They show me that anyone can do this, no matter how frustrating life can get. I can see how it can get to be a habit where anyone can feel control in restoring their peace. One of God’s greatest gifts!

  2. Welcome to the TToT link up! You are my kind of gal – I am a silver lining person all the way! Panty hose SUCK and that’s one of the best silver linings EVER that you don’t have to wear them ever again. And that your thigh highs don’t fall down. SWEET!

    I certainly never thought about the public seat situation before, because I live in a small town that doesn’t have such a thing, but if I go somewhere bigger and have to take public transit? Well, bring on the GermX!

    I hope you have a great week and will join us again!

  3. Kristi says:

    Welcome to the hop. Your blog fits beautifully with the theme. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  4. christine says:

    Welcome, welcome! We love getting new contributors with new perspectives on life.
    Oh, how I hate the pantyhose! Although I’m not crazy tall, pantyhose are never long enough for me. And they itch. And they are a pain when you have to go to the bathroom. Thigh-highs are brilliant, but, yes, they fall. You certainly have an advantage over me in the pantyhose department.
    Yikes, a 1 hour trip made in 3 1/2 hours. That can’t be good.
    Being married to your best friend is a blessing, indeed.
    Sounds like your therapist was a smart person. It’s amazing how my mood changes when I sit down to write (or read) a thankful post.
    Thanks for linking such a lovely list with us.

  5. Welcome to the TToT!
    (from the above, I can see that you have met most everyone), there are others in the group and (others) who participate at different times over the weekend. This ‘2 dayedness’ is one of the things I enjoy about this blgohop… it is more than send in a Post and read other Posts. As you can see there is a very real sense of conversation (or as Lizzi likes to refer to it) a sense of community.
    (..and mostly because she ignored the Rules of blogs and bloghops…lol)
    So it is good to read another Post that lends a perspective that I would not otherwise have had, thank you.

    • Quite grateful to be here. I would say “a sense of community” is accurate, and a very good thing, in my opinion. Pardon me, Martha! I’m looking forward to participating. And thank you for overwhelming me with thank you’s from this community. It actually gave me the inspiration to write some more!

  6. You are such an amazin woman, Raeanne! Your positive attitude makes me so happy. I am glad that you have still found so many things to be thankful for, despite the lemons you were served that day. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

  7. Welcome to the hop

    Your list is great =) I think being married to your best friend is the greatest thing and gives you the best feeling

  8. Kate says:

    It is a beautiful day here too although I am jealous you have a dryer right in your place! Lucky you to have married your best friend.

    • The dryer – now that comes with age. At least for me it did! I have spent decades (literally) rolling my laundry down the hall! Gray hairs and dryers, they just go together! :-) I am so glad to have found this hop. I hope you have another beautiful day.

  9. A wonderful ten things list. I can totally relate……and am thankful for you being in the most beautiful of relationships possible. Please hop along with us! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’m so glad you’ve joined the hop…even though I am not an official host (and really don’t want that kind of “responsibility”!) I wanted to welcome you as well.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful list and for sharing some of your “backstory” as well.

    I look forward to reading more of your list! :)

  11. zoe says:

    I am notorious for messing up my comments so hopefully this is not the third one… anyhow… just wanted to welcome you to the hop! I am a physical therapist from my former life and now am a practicing psychotherapist so your first paragraph was intriguing to me! You have a unique outlook on a challenging perspective! I look forward to your future lists! Have fun here! Im off to check out the rest of your blog… I love the idea of adaptive deals!

    • Zoe, thank you for your comments and please pass them on to any of your clients that you think they might benefit. That is the very reason that my blog exists, because when I was first disabled I searched to find meaning in my own life. For me, Jesus was he answer. If you like what you see on my blog, please follow me on Twitter (I’m @RaeanneWoodman) and find me (and like me! :-) ) on Facebook. My blog page on Facebook is the same name as my blog, “A Quiet Life of Appreciation.”

  12. Raeanne – welcome to Ten Things of Thankful – thank you so much for sharing your list with us :)

    I love your introductory paragraphs, and thank you for bringing an absolutely brand-new perspective into my life (one huge boon of visiting blogs by writers from so many different ‘worlds’) – I’ve never even thought about how NICE it must be not to have to sit in public seats in the bus! I just try hard not to think about who was sat there before me!

    Your list of ten things is wonderful, and what a joy to be married to your best friend. That’s really, really special – I also love that one of your ten was for an act of service that YOU were able to do. That shows (to my mind) a really powerful, wonderful spirit – I look forward to getting to know you more, and am so pleased to e-meet you here.

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