Divine Coincidence

for-a-reasonThis thought is purely subjective on my part. The Lord tells us that His thoughts are different from our thoughts. But, I wonder about this. Was there a reason behind my brain injury? Could it be a divine coincidence?

I have had two different friends in my life that were central in taking me to church regularly, and ultimately in leading me to know Him as my personal savior. There was a long time in between, but both of these friends have now had brain surgeries. It’s not like everyone has a brain surgery.

I was not a believer when I first met these two friends. Did He bring me into their lives just so they could learn that our life goes on after a traumatic brain injury? I doubt if I will ever know for sure, but I do know that is how I want to see this.

In the book of Esther, Mordecai tells Esther that perhaps she came to her position “for such a time as this.” Was my brain injury for this reason?

Many times, I have found myself at a certain point in my life and thought, “God, is this the reason that I am here now?” Did my brain injury happen for this reason?

It seems reassuring to me if I could know God’s plan for my life. It would be more fulfilling. In a broader sense, I do know His plan for my life. He wants me to be His child, just as He rewards all of those who seek Him. But for the finer details…

Oh, so many times, I do things that I regret. I do things that I fear my heavenly father would not approve of. When the Apostle Paul said he did not understand the things that he did, I know exactly what he was talking about. Been there; done that many times over. “Many a conflict, many a doubt,” as the song says. I, too, have that same sinful nature as the Apostle Paul.

And yet, He gave His life for me and for you. Lord, I thank you for the path that you have guided me on throughout my life.

Lord, You have used my disability for so many beneficial purposes.  I want to thank you for your two dedicated children that brought me to church for years.  It is because of these two friends that I now consider myself a believer.  Thank you for allowing me to be in their lives.  Thank you for the divine coincidence.  Do you have a comment?  I would appreciate it if you would scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a comment. 


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Less than a month after my twenty -fifth birthday, I had a brain hemorrhage. I had two brain surgeries at that time. It saved my life, but it left me unable to walk or use my left hand. I have been a wheel-chair user since 1989, nearly half of my life. I have always considered myself very blessed and quite unique. I graduated from Ohio State and went on to be employed by the university for twelve years. I met another unique individual at my church and he and I were married seven years ago. With this blog, I want to tell you a little about myself and how I've learned to live in our world. I love to cook, albeit with my own adaptations. I also want to share some great user-friendly merchandise and deals with you. And I would also be blessed if you would share your great ideas with me. This blog promises to be mutually rewarding!
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