His Perfect Plan: Disability & Marriage

I used to dream about meeting my “Prince Charming” when I was a little girl. I always thought someday – someday… But life had a way of intervening on my plans and things just did not go as I had planned. For instance, I never planned on my disability. But thankfully, God did have a perfect plan for me. And I have now met my Prince Charming and today, you could say that we are “living happily ever-after.” Love and marriage aren’t the only things that can go together!

I first learned about the Lord and then accepted Him as my personal savior in ’98.  Knowing Jesus brought such joy into my life.

One day, when I was at a public gym that I attend, a friend of mine, who was the director of the gym and also happened to be the then music director at my church, stopped me and asked if I ever intended to remarry.

I remember telling her that I had made my choice with my first husband and that it was such a poor choice.  I had no intention of choosing another partner.

I told her that I would only remarry if it were God’s choice for me.  With that, we said good-bye and I didn’t really think about it again.

Several weeks later, this man from church who was named Robert started emailing me at work.  I was working in an academic institution and it was during Summer break, so I had time to respond.

Our correspondence grew more regular and animated, but I still thought absolutely nothing of it.  Then one day, he emailed me and said, “Oh and by the way, Shirley told me that I should ask you out sometime.”  Ever so romantic, huh?

But I was very excited and I can remember squealing with delight at my desk.  We made plans for our first date.

We had every intention of going to this area mall, but neither of us had ever been there before. On that first date, we drove around looking for the mall for three hours.  We shared a very animated conversation, but never did find the mall.

The next weekend we tried again.  Robert did say that he had studied the directions, but our attempt to find the mall was still merely an effort in futility.  On our third date, we had more great conversation, but still no mall.  I think we finally made it to the mall on our fourth try.

Robert has always said that he fell in love with me on our first date, but since I was determined not to make a repeat mistake, it did take me three dates to make that commitment!

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Woodman: A Wedding PictureHe proposed to me at our church’s Valentine’s Day dinner in February and we were married that June.

Robert and I are an example of opposites attracting.  But, God did have a perfect plan in uniting us.  The most perfect way for me to describe Robert is as the man of my dreams.

About Raeanne Woodman

Less than a month after my twenty -fifth birthday, I had a brain hemorrhage. I had two brain surgeries at that time. It saved my life, but it left me unable to walk or use my left hand. I have been a wheel-chair user since 1989, nearly half of my life. I have always considered myself very blessed and quite unique. I graduated from Ohio State and went on to be employed by the university for twelve years. I met another unique individual at my church and he and I were married seven years ago. With this blog, I want to tell you a little about myself and how I've learned to live in our world. I love to cook, albeit with my own adaptations. I also want to share some great user-friendly merchandise and deals with you. And I would also be blessed if you would share your great ideas with me. This blog promises to be mutually rewarding!
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7 Responses to His Perfect Plan: Disability & Marriage

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. All love and blessings to you.

  2. paula says:

    such a precious story! thanks for sharing it on the love story link up on my page this week!

    • Raeanne says:

      Thank you for your page! That was an excellent idea. I was happy to submit my own personal love story. God DOES have a perfect plan for each of His children.

  3. Val Young says:

    What a wonderful testimony of God’s grace and love for us. Beautiful!

    • Raeanne says:

      But for His grace…I am eternally blessed every day and each moment. I tend to forget that though, which is why I choose to focus on Him. His choice for our lives is always a better choice. Thanks for your comment, I certainly do appreciate it.

  4. wholesomewomanhood says:

    Your love story is beautiful!

    • Raeanne says:

      Yes, God does have a perfect plan for each of His children. Trusting the Lord is a very good thing. And thank you for your comment. I hope you have a blessed day!

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