Collard Green and Cranberry Lasagna

2017-11-12_Collard-Cranberry-Lasagna_Before-Cooking_004 My husband and I live in Ohio, but he grew up in Mississippi.  He and I both love to garden and when he told me about how much he loved collard greens, I was willing to try growing them.  It turns out that collards grow in Ohio just as well as they grow in Mississippi.  It was almost November and the only thing we still had growing in our vegetable garden were collard greens, so we needed to use them up.  Then we went to the grocery and discovered that the first fresh cranberries had arrived.  I just love cranberries, so my husband got several bags for me.  Problem was – what was I going to do with them?  Then I discovered that these two ingredients work well together.  Using things that I had in the pantry, I put together a Collard Green and Cranberry Lasagna and it was delicious!

Collard Green and Cranberry Lasagna

6 Whole wheat lasagna noodles (boiled first)
Alfredo sauce (I used store brand Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce)
Homemade ricotta cheese with roasted garlic
5-7 briefly boiled Collard greens (rolled up into a cigar and sliced into ½”slices)
½ Red onion, sliced thinly
Balsamic roasted cranberries
1 C shredded mozzarella cheese (I used store brand called Pizza Blend)

Drizzle a little Alfredo sauce in bottom of pan (instead of greasing casserole pan).  Fill bottom of pan with 3 lasagna noodles (I prefer using boiled noodles, but I’ve heard it said that you can use dry noodles, if you want.)  Add about half of the ricotta cheese/ roasted garlic mixture.  Add half of boiled collard greens (just boil them until they reduce in size) and top with sliced red onion.  Add about half of jar of Alfredo sauce and top with half of roasted cranberries.  Repeat all steps to use up rest of ingredients, then top with 1 C shredded cheese.  Bake about 1 hour at 350°.

I put this casserole together on Saturday night, stuck it in the refrigerator, and then baked it on Sunday after we came home from church. 2017-11-12_Collard-Cranberry-Lasagna_After-Cooking_003


To make your own ricotta cheese, combine milk and vinegar in microwave-safe glass bowl (very important; it must be glass). Microwave on high heat, 2 to 4 minutes (milk should register about 165°F on an instant-read thermometer). Remove from microwave, and stir gently for 5 seconds. Milk will separate into solid white curds and translucent liquid whey. If not, microwave for 30 seconds longer. Repeat until fully separated into curds and whey.  Drain in a fine mesh sieve or through a piece of cheesecloth.  I let it drain for about ½ hour then added roasted garlic and salt & pepper (just cut the top of a whole head of garlic and wrap in foil after drizzling a little olive oil over the garlic head – roast in oven about an hour @ 350°.  After the garlic is roasted, it gets really soft and will just squirt out of its skin like toothpaste.)

To make Balsamic roasted cranberries, in a covered casserole, add 3 tbls maple syrup, 2 tbls balsamic vinegar, 1 tbls orange juice, 1 ½ tbls olive oil.  Then add a whole bag of fresh cranberries.  Bake in oven with casserole covered for 20 minutes @ 400°.

Looking for an easy and unique recipe?  Well, this was that!  Try this recipe yourself the next time you want to satisfy your family and friends.  To leave a comment, just scroll down.



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  1. Raeanne, the ingredients in this Lasagna recipe sound like they would taste really good together. Very creative!

  2. Jen says:

    Raeanne, this sounds like a really good combination. I’ll have to try it!

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